Technology - The Nerve Centre Of Our Business

Technology drives the DDRE experience

At DDRE, we believe technology is the key to a successful property experience.

Not only does it help us market luxury property more effectively, but it actually empowers you the client to make more informed decisions.

Below, we explain the benefits of embracing a digital-first approach, and how it will benefit you as you look to buy, sell, let or rent a property.

Connecting clients and property

DDRE uses proprietary real-estate technology to connect clients and property, no matter where they are involved. It enables us to connect clients selling property with the most-active buyers in the world, while facilitating relationships with advisors independent to the DDRE brand, but are highly influential in their own markets or locals.

Collectively, DDRE advisors can reach millions of buyers through our client relationship management system (CRM), as well as those outside of it. In doing so, we add new prospective buyers, renters and sellers to our database all the time, and can genuinely say any property marketed will reach all markets globally.

Watch the video below to see how DDRE uses technology to offer clients total-market access.

Access any property, anywhere

We mean it when we say we can give you total market access. This means we can enable buyers to see properties not currently on the market but still for sale – also known as ‘off-market’ property – while allowing clients to advertise a property with 100% discretion, to a network of pre-qualified buyers or renters.

Our proprietary technology enables complete control and discretion, while any property for sale is tagged and watermarked, so we can trace exactly who is viewing it, where and when in the world.

After, we can remove any digital footprint that property may have had, thus guaranteeing its discretion. View the demo below, to see what it looks like marketing an off-market property with DDRE.

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